Cozy + Functional Great Room

I had so much fun transforming this family’s great room into a functional, cozy space where they could spend time together watching movies, playing music or just hanging out. When I first saw this space, it was basically an un-used room of the house. In my client’s words, it just didn’t feel good and no one really wanted to hang out in there. It had such great bones with a huge picture window and tall ceiling, plus, it’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door, so it was a shame to see it go to waste. My client had a list of functions she needed the space to serve, including housing her lie-down sauna (um, hello awesome) and her son’s full-sized keyboard, in addition to being the family’s main tv-watching area. And she wanted extended family to be able to gather in this room for special occasions and holidays.

With her list in mind, I designed a built-in entertainment center (the keyboard is hiding in that middle “drawer”, which can pull down and out when in use), and the wall-to-wall bench which serves the dual purpose of providing seat and hiding that sauna. I love how this space came together, and best of all, this sweet family does, too!


Laura Jarboe